Downtown Vernon's 'Local Losers' art studio announces closure

Losing Local Losers

Come June, Local Losers will be lost.

Owner Noah MacLeod describes burnout as the reason for shuttering the brick and mortar space in Vernon's downtown.

He says in a Facebook post mental exhaustion influenced his decision.

“That is why I have decided to take this step and begin picking up the pieces of this endeavour,” MacLeod wrote.

“Now I am excited to be setting out again, putting my best foot forward into new opportunities.”

He says this isn't the end of Local Losers, a studio describing itself as an art supplies retailer, apparel outlet, and community space.

“I already have plans to continue our live events with some amazing community based venues, and I am in the process of looking at bringing together another community space,” he said.

Local Losers' goal when it opened was to create a safe and welcoming space for youth.

Opened while pandemic restrictions were still in place, it needed to wait before hosting gatherings, something it became known for. Just this past month, the studio hosted its first ever comedy show: Just for Losers.

The name originated with McLeod and his high school friends. He described the crew of "oddballs" laser-focused on creative pursuits, and "shunning traditional norms."

“In this safe space, the only barrier is imagination,” MacLeod said ahead of the studio's opening in 2021.

It opened its two years to the day it will be closing, June 1.

The studio held its final bash May 19, to celebrate the space and the people who created it.

“We have all built such an incredible community, one the likes of I have never had the pleasure of being a part of before,” explained MacLeod.

“I genuinely care deeply for you all. Thank you so much for believing in me, and for caring enough to invest yourself in the artists and people of our lil valley.”

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