Vernon agrees to pay less on creek naturalization project thanks to grant

Grant relieves city's burden

The naturalization of Vernon creek in Polson Park is going ahead with a higher cost but a reduced financial commitment from the city.

At Monday’s council meeting, elected officials heard that the city received a grant from the Disaster Risk Reduction Fund – Climate Adaptation Funding Stream by the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund to cover much of the project's costs.

The grant means the city will be paying much less than it had planned. The city agreed to pay an inflated $3.26 million for the first phase of the project after artifacts found in the banks of the creek delayed the project.

Thanks to the grant, council approved a decrease in its funding at Monday’s meeting. It has committed $1.7 million to come from the casino reserve fund while the remaining $2.53 million needed for Phase 1 will come from the grant, bringing the total cost of the phase up to $3.8 million.

Council confirmed the decreased costs, but otherwise raised few questions about the update.

City staff plan to give an update on Phase 2 funding requests during the city’s budget 2025 process.

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