The Western Hockey League will institute several new rules for the 2021-2022 season

WHL unveil new rules

Changes to the way offside and faceoff violations handled are among four rules changes being brought in by the Western Hockey League this season.

New rules for the 2021-2022 season announced Thursday concern faceoffs, offside, crease violations and helmets during fights.

Under the new offside rule, a player will be considered onside if their skate does not break the plane of the blueline prior to the puck completely crossing the line, whether the skate is on the ice or in the air.

The "plane" will now extend from the leading edge of the blueline upward.


The centre for the team committing a faceoff violation will no longer be ejected from the faceoff circle, however the team committing the violation will be issued a warning. Any subsequent violation by that team during the same stoppage will result in a delay-of-game penalty.

Crease violation

The Western Hockey League will utilize the NHL goal crease for the upcoming season. If, in the referee's judgement, an attacking player enters the crease, and doesn't attempt to leave immediately, the play can be stopped and a faceoff held outside the blueline.


Any player who intentionally undoes his chin strap prior to, or during a fight, will be assessed a 10-minute misconduct. As well, a misconduct will be assessed to players who intentionally try to pull or pry the helmet off an opposing player during a fight.

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