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Deer and bird see eye to eye in West Kelowna

Deer and bird see eye to eye

Here's something you don't see every day.

Pat Baril was having an early morning coffee in West Kelowna when a deer wandered by the house. It was the same one that usually comes by in the morning and evenings, but this time she was with her two fawns.

Baril, loving nature and wildlife, ran to grab their camera to capture the three deer in the yard, but that's when the special moment occurred. A bird landed on the back of the mother deer and Baril was able to capture a candid moment of the two animals together.

"I love nature and wildlife so I ran to get my good camera. I love taking pictures and capturing special moments. This one was truly special," Baril told Castanet. "It's all about capturing that precise moment."

The photo was taken behind Rose Valley School on Westlake Road.

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