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West Kelowna man, 91, walks more than 5,000 kilometres with his dog

91-year-old walks 5,000 km

They go out just about every day.

If you live in West Kelowna, you might have even noticed them walking along the trail by Gellatly Bay or near Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park.

Dudley Booth, 91, and his dog Loki have walked more than 5,000 kilometres over the past three-plus years. In fact, they’re closing in on 6,000 kilometres.

The nonagenarian says it all started when he got Loki as a puppy, and then noticed an app on his smartphone.

“I got a new cell phone and after doing some more walking I discovered there was an icon on the screen. I didn’t know what it was so I popped on it,” explains Booth.

“It said that I had walked 827 kilometres. So I thought, golly, a thousand isn't very far. And so that’s how I got started. Of course, it wouldn’t have all happened without the pup.”

Most days Dudley and Loki walk between four and six kilometres. In December and January, they covered the same distance as between Halifax and Truro, Nova Scotia.

One thing Booth says he learned early on was to stick to pathways and avoid intersections. “I found there was just too many drivers looking at their phones when approaching a crosswalk, so I changed my route.”

He goes along Carrington Road to the Gellatly Road hill, down to the waterfront, along the trail to the nut farm and then back to his home.

“The only challenge right now is, having got all the way to Halifax (on the app) I’m now trying to decide where to go after that. I’m toying with the idea of touring a bit of Newfoundland,” says Dudley.

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