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Will West Kelowna's new water treatment plant be ready by spring?

Water plant on time?

A new timeline could be in the works for completion of the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant.

The original timeline was for completion this spring.

Recently, the City of West Kelowna posted a January update that stated that the final phase of construction is underway and is "anticipated" to be complete in 2023, but didn’t indicate when this year.

A previous news release from the city issued on November 28, 2022, said the plant was anticipated to be complete in spring 2023, subject to supply chain disruptions and other factors.

Sections of the roof on the new water treatment plant are now in place and the city says crews will continue ongoing electrical and mechanical work.

The last and final phase of construction requires the installation of critical water transmission mains infrastructure in the Sunnyside and West Kelowna Estates neighbourhoods.

Some of that work was completed last fall. The rest of it is scheduled to begin this spring.

When questioned about when in 2023 the overall project would be done, the city issued a statement to Castanet.

“The contractor is currently updating the project schedule and staff are working on the commissioning timelines. We are anticipating an updated schedule will come forward to council and the community within the next month," said the city.

The Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant is the single largest construction project ever undertaken by the City of West Kelowna. The city received a federal and provincial grant of $41 million to build the new facility on Bartley Road.

The project should alleviate some of the ongoing issues with water quality in the community. Last year, the Rose Valley-Lakeview water system was under a water advisory for about seven months of the year.

Advisories are typically issued in the spring, as the freshet begins, and it is not clear if the new facility will be up and running by then.

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