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Local woman suing McDonald's after tripping in parking lot

McDonald's sued over fall

A Vernon woman has filed a lawsuit against McDonald's after she tripped and fell in the West Kelowna restaurant's parking lot last March.

Susan Doble, who also goes by Susan DuMoulin, filed the lawsuit against the large corporation last week.

The retiree's suit doesn't provide many details about the incident in question, but she alleges she was walking across the McDonald's parking lot at 3605 Gellatly Road on March 16, 2022 towards the door, when she “tripped and fell on the asphalt surface, resulting in injury.”

Her claimed injuries include cuts to her hands, injuries to her wrists and left thumb, an abrasion on her knee, injuries to her hips, chest and ribs, along with headaches.

“The injuries, loss and damage sustained by the plaintiff have caused and continue to cause the plaintiff pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and physical disability,” Doble's suit states.

“As a result of the injuries, the plaintiff has been rendered disabled from performing household services and has thereby suffered a loss of domestic capacity and will continue to suffer such losses in the future.”

She claims in her suit that McDonald's “breached their duty of care to ensure [Doble] would be reasonably safe while on the premises.”

The suit says McDonald's failed to ensure the premises were “adequately or properly maintained and managed.”

None of Doble's allegations has been proven in court. McDonald's has yet to file a formal response to the claim.

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