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Bear spotted in West Kelowna eating household garbage

Bear spotted eating garbage

Contributed Matthew Cook

A young bear was spotted eating garbage in West Kelowna.

Matthew Cook says he spotted the animal eating garbage in the Lakeview Heights community, at about 6:40 p.m. Thursday evening.

“I returned home from work and when stepping out of my car I had some neighbours across the road warn me that there was a bear eating the garbage just a few feet away!” Cook explained.

He says this is the second time a bear has been spotted in the neighbourhood in the two years he’s lived there.

He’s unsure if animal control has been called, but says he believes the bear has been back since he took the video.

"I just went outside now to check and the garbage is everywhere again so it has clearly been back since!"

Bears who become habituated to human garbage can pose a threat to public safety, which can result in the animal being euthanized.

At the beginning of April, BC Conservation Officer Service were reminding residents to be aware of bears coming out of their dens looking for food. It says securing attractants is the best way to stay safe, prevent property damage and prevent the unnecessary killing of bears that come into conflict with humans.

To report conflicts with dangerous wildlife, where there is a threat to public safety, call the report all poachers and polluters hotline at 1 877 952-RAPP (7277) or visit the website.

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