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Orange Theory Fitness Kamloops

Science-Backed Fitness Near You

For a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout with personalized results, come into our Kamloops, BC Orangetheory Fitness studio today. Led by a personal trainer, this hour-long HIIT class incorporates cardio, indoor rowers, weight training blocks, and floor exercises designed to give you results from the inside out for a longer, more vibrant life.

Don’t Expect Routine Gym Workouts

Our energetic coaches will help you reach your personal fitness goals by providing options for all abilities and fitness levels. Our OTbeat heart rate monitors enable you to see personalized results in real-time so you know when to push harder, or scale back, in order to optimize your results.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to cross train, someone looking for the first step toward their fitness journey or coming back after an injury, Orangetheory Fitness is for you. Live life all-out and book your first session today.

Workout Tips For Your First Fitness Class

Be sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to your first scheduled session at Orangetheory Fitness Kamloops conveniently located on #260-1210 Summit Drive. Unlike traditional gyms, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your fitness coach and discuss personalized fitness goals and concerns.
Martial Arts

Valley Jiu Jitsu

Make a healthy choice!

In our busy lives it is important to make time for endeavors which allow us to focus on our own physical and mental well being. The challenges and rewards associated with practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu affect the way we handle ourselves on and off the mats. Choosing a BJJ lifestyle inspires us to make healthy choices, overcome obstacles, and strive to lead positive and fulfilling lives. We provide a safe, clean, and friendly environment where recreational practitioners and competitive athletes alike can experience the many benefits Jiu-Jitsu has to offer.

Contact us today to set up your free trial class.


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Accident + Rehabilitation

Seasons Health Therapies

Seasons Health Therapies: dedicated to helping you recover from accident or illness; because life changes, in the blink of an eye!

Occupational therapists make your home safe, using equipment and both physical and brain training programs.

Kinesiologists help you become stronger and more flexible, after injury or surgery. They help prepare you for return to work or the important activities in your life.

Clinical counsellors focus on the grief and loss after a change in your life. Whether you're recovering from a car accident, a workplace incident, or have lived with trauma, you can feel better.

Return to work specialists work with you and your employer to arrange for modified duties or accommodations specific to your situation.

If you're not sure what you can now do for work, our Vocational Consultants can test your aptitudes, interests, academic achievement, work values and personality to identify occupations suitable for you.

Autism Spectrum Disorder services for children, youth and adults ages 6+ include both 1:1 and group treatment for social skills, life skills, emotional regulation, coordination, and strength. We also provide 1:1 Occupational Therapy consultation and in home assessment to understand the needs of your child and family. Autism Funding applies for ages 6-18.

Life Activated Kamloops

Feel BETTER, do MORE by reducing oxidative stress.

I am a 45 year old woman, mother of 3 daughters. I work full time, and decided to venture to a side income. I've had a few health issues over the years as I get older. A friend of mine (cousin) introduced me to Nrf2. Had no idea what it was, but thought what do I have to lose taking a natural plant based product that is guaranteed to reduce oxidative stress cells by 40% in one month. I was purchasing vitamins and supplement and it was wasting my money as there synthetic and don't absorb in your body. I have been on Nrf2 and other lifevantage products and can honestly say, my stress level is down, more energy, sleep better and it's helping me with other health problems. Your body is worth investing in and can make a business with it as well.

Life Advantage uses Biohacking: A science based approach to helping you get the absolute most out of life.

As well as Nutrigenomics: The study of how nutrition and naturally occurring compound affect our genes.

Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer

- enhances the body's natural defenses to make antioxidants and achieve optimal cellular balance.
- is a patented, science-based formula that has been researched, tested and validated by 20 peer-reviewed studies and published by renowned research institutions.
- naturally induces the Nrf2 protein to take action and turn on the cell's stress response mechanisms.
- targets human sirtuin: the cells that regulate aging and celluar health - shown to increase sirtuin activity by 100% in 24 hours.
- NAD supports healthy longevity, focus, energy, mental clarity, and mood.

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